Three Years of Trakt VIP

2 min readApr 15, 2022

-- is a delightful media tracking service I’ve used for more than eight years. My wife believes that tracking your media watching history is a pointless exercise. I, for one, disagree. Its usefulness is subjective, and I get that. However, I enjoy tracking my tv shows, and often, it’s the only way I discover new seasons of the show I enjoy.

Did I mention that Trakt has a generous free plan, and the only reason I paid for the VIP plan was because of the Year in Review feature. Yes, it accurately tells me which media I have wasted most of my time 😂. A complete list of features limited to the VIP plan is detailed here.

In addition to tracking media services, Trakt:

  • It is my one-stop app to find out which TV show is streaming on which streaming service. This is incredibly useful, and it’s free.
  • Discovery: Trakt has many lists created by fans, making discovery a breeze. I keep a close eye on the Most Anticipated TV show list and add shows that interest me to my watch list.
  • Every month end, I create in Day One, a snapshot of the TV and movies I watched. Trakt ensures this process barely takes a minute.

I wouldn’t say Trakt VIP is a must-subscribe service, but for a tv watching enthusiast, it certainly is one excellent service and did I say it’s fun too. When I look back, what I watched 5 years ago, it brings back memories of that time in my life.

Happy Watching 📺

btw, my Trakt profile is private and I intend to keep it that way.. Currently, I am watching Halo. Its weird to experience a game in a TV format.

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